Food co-op opens on Thursday 3rd March

Yes, it’s tremendously exciting, food co-op will be open again soon.  Our opening hours this semester are: 1-3pm Tuesdays (TBC) and 12-5pm Thursdays.

We are taking orders for this Thursday, so please have your orders in by 12pm on Tuesday March 1st.  Please note the cut off time for orders has changed this semester, and is now 12pm Tuesdays instead of 3pm. 

We have lots of amazing new stock, including Australian grown quinoa, blue French lentils, adzuki beans and chickpeas, and old favourites – Cocolo chocolate, tamari almonds, snack mix, sesame sensations and more.  We’ve also put together some spunky online ordering and membership forms to make life a bit easier.  You can find these on our website on the ordering and membership pages. 

There is also a bright shiny new volunteer roster on the co-op door, so while your down at the co-op, feel free to populate it by adding your name for a couple of volunteer shifts.

See you all soon!


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