Film screening: A delicate balance, 5pm Wednesday 18th May

The food co-op has teamed up with the student environment collective to organise a screening of A Delicate Balance.  This Australian film explores the meat industry, and its effects on the environment and human heath.

“Worldwide, intensive or ‘factory’ farming arguably causes the most suffering to the largest number of animals. A Delicate Balance is a fascinating film that will encourage viewers to re-think their food choices and opt for a cruelty-free lifestyle to the benefit, not only of billions of farm animals, but of their personal health and the environment”.
Ondine Sherman – Co-founder and Director of Voiceless

Screening details:

Time: 5pm, Wednesday May 18th
Location: Theatre lounge (next to the ATM in the food court, level 3 of the tower building)

The food co-op will also be providing some light snacks. 

If you’re unable to join us on Wednesday, the film can be viewed online here


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