Happy new year!

Welcome to 2012 at the food co-op

2012 is a big year for the Broadway Food Co-op. It’s our 10th year of working co-operatively to enable access to affordable organic food to UTS students, staff and local community members, and 2012 is also the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives Keep your eyes peeled for celebrations through the year.

The co-op will open again in Orientation week, with the fruit and vegetable boxes starting on TUESDAY February 21.

Changes to fresh box prices, day, and payment

At the most recent meeting we considered how the co-op had been doing over the past couple of years (financially, socially, community-wise etc), and have made some changes to the weekly routine at the food co-op.

New box prices

  • $15, $30, $45 and $60 for members (including delivery)
  • $18, $36, $54 and $72 for non-members (makes a membership worth it!) (including delivery)

One piece of feedback members give is about the amount of food in the smaller ($10) boxes. Sometimes a $10 box will have half an eggplant, or 1 carrot etc, which can be problematic for storage and use, and also sometimes gets in the way of successfully preparing meals.

We looked at the sizes of the boxes, and the amount of money we had to spend each week at the markets (and considered the rise in costs of fresh food over the past couple of years), and have decided to raise the box prices. These new prices mean, for example, that you’ll get approximately $15 worth of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables in your box, and there’s no more remembering to add the extra $1 for delivery.

New box day – Tuesday!

Again, we looked at how the co-op had been going over the years, at volunteer and member feedback, and have changed the co-op’s fruit and vegetable box packing and pick up day to TUESDAY. The co-op will be open as usual from 12pm – 5pm, and the produce delivery, sorting and pickup will all be the same. We’ll be interested to hear how getting your box earlier in the week goes.

The Tuesday produce day also allows us to form stronger partnerships with other groups on campus (Wednesday is often the ‘day’ for stalls and activities on campus) and we hope to work in partnership with other groups to provide organic fruit in particular to students on campus.

We will continue to open on Thursdays, with ‘late night shopping’ hours of 4pm – 7pm in response to feedback especially from staff and other workers in the area that business hours made it hard to get to the co-op.

Online payment only policy

One of the hardest jobs for the accounts volunteer at the co-op is reconciling cash – especially because the cash paid for fruit & vege boxes is treated differently to the shop cash. We decided to institute an online only ordering & payment policy for fruit and vegetables – using the current form, and paying by bank deposit. If this is going to be a problem for you please get in touch with us.


4 responses to “Happy new year!

  1. If the new pick-up day is Tuesday, when do we need to place our orders?


  2. Is the bread ordering by FRIDAY prior for a TUESDAY pick up too?


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