2012 welcome & get-together

Now the semester’s started and settled in, we’re planning a small, informal welcome to the co-op for 2012 for new and returning members.
There’s lots of us involved in the co-op – maybe you buy your bread or box every week, or help sort vegies, or come and do a shift in the shop, or work on the accounts and so forth, and don’t really get to meet each other. Each of us is buying fruit and vegies or groceries through the co-op for lots of reasons, but there’s a shared sense of co-operative buying of organic food that’s good for us and the environment. Come along to the pub and have a drink and get to know each other! (We’ll have another social event later in the year that’s family friendly as well).

Broadway Food Co-op get together
Tuesday 20th March 2012
from 5.30pm
at the Clare Hotel, directly across from UTS building 1 (the tower)
The Clare is pretty simple – drinks only, the co-op will bring some snacks to go with them.
RSVP if possible by Monday 19th March to


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