Shop open for 2014


It’s o’day, which means the semester is about to begin, and the Broadway Food Co-op will be open tomorrow (Thursday 20 Feb) from 12-6pm for shopping – drop by, say hi, see the new shop layout and sign up for a membership. Boxes will be available from next week – THURSDAY Feb 27. Orders close 5pm Tuesdays for 2014.

After out planning days we’ve made some changes – in the shop’s layout, in the membership structure, and how you order your boxes and bread. Sorry if there’s any little issues here and there as we iron things out and work out new systems etc. The changes have been made to ensure the financial stability of the co-op, which is in the best interest of us all!

Check out our new online ordering system here, and sign up for your yearly membership (all current members need to sign up from the beginning of each year. We’ve got a new member hours system as well, keep an eye out for membership cards and rosters.


2 responses to “Shop open for 2014

  1. Will the shop be closing at 6 every week or just this week?


  2. Just this week I say – no boxes to be picked up!


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