Thinking about joining the co-op? New member?

The co-op is up and running for the new year, and we’ve had our first lot of boxes and bread, and the shop’s been open for a few Thursdays. Perhaps you’re interested in joining the co-op but not sure what it means? Or want to get involved but don’t know what you could do? Please feel free to drop into the shop any Thursday between 12 and 7pm and have a chat, or send us an email (

Join the co-op by buying a membership online here. It’s that simple! then you’ll have access to a 15% discount on all shop purchases, be able to buy fruit and veg boxes and sourdough bread each week (there’s a free trial if you want to use it), and be part of a great community of people based on or around the UTS campus who are interested in, amongst other things, having affordable access to organic, fair trade and local food. We’re looking for more members to volunteer in the shop on Thursday, so if you’re around and can spare half an hour or an hour, please sign up for a shift.


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