Yesterday’s Boxes

All the veggies came in a bit damp and our trusty delivery man Ken was a bit wet and sad because of the rain, but our bumper order made it into the Co-Op otherwise unscathed and we put together some really amazing boxes!

In our boxes this week we have for fruits: persimmons, red apples, green apples, pears, and bananas. For vegetables we have: spinach, broccoli, red cabbage and butternut pumpkin.

A $15 box looked like this:


(sorry about the blurry photo, I was in a bit of a rush!)

And here is what came in a $30 box:


Make sure to get your order in for next week before 5pm on Tuesday. If you would like bread with your fresh veggie box rememeber that you can order it at the same time as your box to guarantee that you get exactly the kind you like! It makes ordering the bread easier for us vollies too 😉

Good luck staying dry in the miserable weather and we’ll see you next week.


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