About Us

Broadway food co-operative is a not for profit, 100% volunteer run, ethical alternative to supermarkets, providing organic food to the community. At our co-operative, we work together to take back control of our food.

How does the co-op work?

In a nutshell, the co-op purchases products in bulk at wholesale prices, and shares them amongst a group of people, meaning that if everyone chips in a bit of effort, we can all enjoy affordable organic food. We stock a range of dry food and snacks in our shop as well as delicious organic sourdough bread from our friends at La Tartine.

Our food co-op is grounded in an ethic of avoid, reduce, reuse and then recycle. For this reason we aim to stock bulk, minimally packaged products. Members are strongly encouraged to bring their own re-usable containers to fill with goodies to avoid creating excess waste. We also encourage members to bring in their spare glass jars, bottles and plastic containers so they can be re-used by others.

Our food co-op is also a process not just an outcome. It aims to be participatory, open, voluntary and community based, and does not have a centralised hierarchy. All members have a right, and a responsibility, to be involved in making decisions about the co-op.

Who can join the Food Co-op?

Anyone! We are primarily made up of UTS students and staff, but staff and students at Ultimo TAFE, ABC employees and the broader community have also been represented in our membership.

When is the Food Co-op open?

Our usual opening hours are:

  • Tuesday – coming soon
  • Thursday – 10:30am – 6.30pm

Where is the Food Co-op?

The Co-op is in room 58, level 2, building 5C at the UTS Broadway campus on Quay street near Market City shopping center.

Finding the Co-op is 1-2-3 EASY!

1. Enter building 5C from Quay Street.

2. Walk straight through the corridor to the end and go up the stairs to the next floor.

3. Turn left and we’re about 10 metres on the right. EASY!

Map to coop

Contact Us

Email: organicfoodcoop@gmail.com

Phone: (02) 9514 1418