About Co-operatives


A food co-op is a place where people can buy good food, at an affordable price. “Good food”, AKA organic food, has not been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, and a myriad of other dangerous chemicals.

Organic food does not undergo irradiation, whereby food is zapped by gamma rays in an attempt to maintain freshness. Organic food is always grown in an environmentally harmonious fashion. Techniques such as sewing different species suiting similar climate conditions, Permaculture (opposed to Monoculture, the overwhelming agricultural practice today), and Bio-dynamics, which bases cultivation on the cycle of the moon, are commonly employed
techniques of organic food production.

Realising this, a “collective” of individuals at UTS formed into a “co-operative”, to create the Broadway Food Co-op. The Food Co-op was established to provide the university community with a source, or more precisely a shop, for organic food and products. This inspired collective of individuals saw the potential for
revolutionary and evolutionary changes to society within their own community.

These people envisaged the Food Co-op as:
> an opportunity to introduce people to sustainable living practices and the overall development of a sustainable environment;
> something that everyone can participate in, at any level and feel that they are doing something positive, with outcomes immediately evident;
>encouraging self-empowerment and the realisation that even small changes in  lifestyles can make a difference and create change – the food co-op is all that those participating make it;
> creating a community atmosphere – a chance for staff, students and members of the community to work together;
> educating people on reducing waste, the advantages of eating organic food and working together;
> educating people on sustainability, environmental, and food safety issues; and
> enjoyable! A fun and friendly environment to learn new skills and expand knowledge.


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