Student projects

Are you a student wanting to do a project on or for the Co-op?

Hello there! We probably get one or two students a month who approach us to do a project on or for the Co-op. This usually takes the form of wanting info and answers to specific questions OR wanting to interview us OR putting them in touch with other people to be interviewed. To simplify things here are two points that we recently decided upon after struggling with this topic:

  1. SORRY! We simply don’t have time to help everyone! Sometimes someone here will give an interview but you’ll have to ask. It depends on how we feel about the project and the person, and what capacity members and volunteers have at the time. We’re all volunteers and have our own work and/or study to do. A lot of the time having a student project means a lot more work for us – both in time and effort.
  2. In the main, most of those we agreed to help in the past had no interest in co-operative organising or food activism and just wanted us to help with what they saw as a ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’ project idea. Subsequently we never heard from them again despite promises to give us copies of what they wrote, designed or filmed. Off they went to their new careers. After a few experiences like this we’ve decided to be firm about how we respond to requests.

We certainly aren’t against talking to people who want to do something investigative and interesting as a uni project. The people we have worked with well have usually already been active co-op members or come to the space and got to know the place a little bit first and in some way are just getting into co-operative ideas or are already involved in food activism. In that way we got to know each other a little bit and it was a much more satisfying relationship for all.

So, don’t let the above put you off – it may sound a little harsh – but we are open Thursdays and we don’t bite (much!). Drop in and say hi!

UTS Shopfront

We’ve had some successful projects come to us through the UTS Shopfront – check them out for other projects or to set up a project with us.


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