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Broadway Food Co-operative will be open tomorrow from 10:30am for your dining and dancing pleasure 🙂

Everything is organic

Everything is low price

Everything is delicious

Bring on 2018 and a more sustainable world for everyone.



Yes folks, it’s that time of year again and the Coop is having its end of year sale. All products, excluding bread, will attract a 50% discount

That’s right a whopping 50% off our already low, low prices. Hurry in and stock up your organic goodies before stocks run out.

SALE will run until the 15 December or while stock lasts.

If you will be requiring our yummy sourdough bread this festive season, orders will need to placed before 6th December with a delivery date of the 14 December at the shop. Orders can be place through the Coop email organicfoodcoop@gmail. com

NOTE: No other discounts will apply.




Broadway Food Coop closed Thursday 19/10/17

In support of the UTS strike on Thursday 19/10/17 – for job security and respect for all UTS staff – the Food Coop will be closed on this day.


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New! In store today! Organic brown rice miso 😋

Pretty sure we saw one of the MKR contestants rubbing this on steak. You, too, can be a contender in the competitive cooking universe. Come in and let us lead you to the path of world kitchen domination! 👩‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳🍽🏁

La Tartine bread supplies

Dear Friends,

We are very sorry for the disruption to bread supplies.
La Tartine has decided that it is unsustainable for them to deliver to individual shopfronts in Sydney. From now on they will deliver to a central location (Flemington markets) and businesses can pick up their stock themselves.
Unfortunately there is a fairly high minimum order required that we can not meet.
We are attempting to source La Tartine bread in some other way but this is proving to be difficult.
For the foreseeable future you can purchase La Tartine from several Sydney wholefoods stores or from various farmers’ markets
Thank you for your patience,
The Co-op Team

Up – DATED PRICE LIST AS AT 09/03/2017


Beans/ Peas /Lentils
Black Beluga Beans 100 grams $1.07 $0.86
Black Turtle Beans* 100 grams $0.59 $0.47
Canned Black Beans 400 grams $2.33 $1.86
Canned Cannellini Beans 400 grams $1.95 $1.56
Canned Chick Peas 400 grams $1.95 $1.56
Canned Red Kidney Beans 400 grams $1.50 $1.20
Chick Peas 100 grams $1.51 $1.21
French Green Lentils 100 grams $0.86 $0.68
Split Red Lentils 100 grams $0.84 $0.67
Split Green Peas* 100 grams $0.69 $0.55

Alter Eco Bars

Dark Almond* 80 grams $6.50 $5.20
Dark Cacao 80 grams $4.52 $3.61
Dark Mint* 80 grams $6.50 $5.20
Dark Twist 80 grams $4.52 $3.61
Organic Times Products
Dark chocolate covered almonds 100 grams $5.02 $4.02
Milk chocolate covered almonds 100 grams $5.02 $4.01
Coconut Products
Coconut oil 100 grams $1.05 $0.84
Toasted coconut flakes* 100 grams $0.95 0.76
Canned coconut cream 400 mls $2.70 $2.16
Canned coconut milk 400 mls $2.40 $1.92
Cocoa and Cacao
Cacao nibs* 100 grams $3.71 $2.96
Cocoa powder 100 grams $2.06 $1.64
Dried Fruit
Apricots 100 grams $2.16 $1.73
Dates 100 grams $1.96 $1.75
Sultanas 100 grams $1.18 $0.94
Flour and Meal
Almond meal 100 grams $5.96 $4.77
Rye flour* 100 grams $0.87 $0.29
Spelt flour 100 grams $0.77 $0.61
White flour, unbleached 100 grams $0.41 $0.32
Grains and Cereals
Couscous, whole-wheat 100 grams $1.38 $1.10
Groats 100 grams $0.55 $0.44
Millet, hulled 100 grams $0.73 $0.58
Millet, puffed 100 grams $2.73 $2.18
Oats, stabilised 100 grams $0.65 $0.52
Quinoa, white* 100 grams $1.49 $1.19
Herbs and Spices
Chilli powder 50 grams $0.67 $0.54
Cinnamon powder 50 grams $2.94 $2.35
Cumin, bottled* 50 grams $4.43 $3.54
Garam Masala, bottled* 50 grams $4.49 $3.59
Minced Garlic, bottled 220 grams $5.46 $4.37
Peppercorns, black 50 grams $1.94 $1.55
Tumeric, bottled* 50 grams $4.49 $3.59
Tumeric 50 grams $1.46 $1.17
Vanilla beans (2-3) 10 grams $2.48 $1.98
Nuts and Seeds
Almonds, raw (out of stock) 100 grams
Almonds, tamari 100 grams $2.84 $2.27
Cashews, raw 100 grams $3.15 $2.52
Cashews, roasted 100 grams $3.12 $2.49
Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) 100 grams $1.96 $1.57
Sesame seeds, black* 100 grams $0.42 $0.34
Snack mix (tamari almonds, raw cashews, sultanas & toasted coconut flakes) 100 grams $3.41 $2.73
Sunflower seeds 100 grams $1.39 $1.11
Tahini, hulled 385 grams $7.50 $6.00
Tahini, unhulled 385 grams $7.50 $6.00
Oils, Sauces & Vinegars
Apple Cider Vinegar* 100 mls $0.85 $0.65
Tamari Sauce* 100 mls $1.92 $1.54
Brown 100 grams $0.74 $0.59
White 100 grams $0.78 $0.62
Jasmine* 100 grams $0.75 $0.60
Miso soup, powdered 3 pack $6.00 $4.80
Brown rice syrup* 100 mls $!.05 $0.84
Brown rice syrup, bottled 500 grams $5.03 $4.02
Honey, raw 100 grams $2.09 $1.68
Icing sugar 100 grams $0.85 $0.68
Rapadura sugar 100 grams $0.83 $0.66
Raw sugar 100 grams $0.40 $0.32
Stevia powder 100 grams $3.24 $2.59
Tea & Coffee
Chamomile, looseleaf 100 grams $3.97 $3.17
Black Tea, looseleaf* 100 grams $3.60 $2.88
Earl Grey, looseleaf 100 grams $4.95 $3.96
English Breakfast, looseleaf 100 grams $4.20 $3.36
Lemon and Ginger, looseleaf 100 grams $16.20 $12.96
Matcha, Green Tea Powder 100 grams $16.50 $13.20
Mimosa Chai, looseleaf 100 grams $9.92 $7.94
Peppermint, looseleaf 100 grams $4.95 $3.96
Rooibos, looseleaf 100 grams $3.11 $2.49
Shades of Grey, looseleaf 100 grams $8.66 $6.93
Tomato Based Products
Passata Rustica, bottled 680 grams $2.93 $2.34
Tomato Paste, bottled 210 grams $3.53 $2.82
Tomato Puree, bottled 680 grams $2.93 $2.34
Popcorn, sea salt* 80 grams $3.27 $2.62
Popcorn, sweet & salty* 40 grams $3.17 $2.53
Non Food Items
Biocloth 3 pack $4.28 $3.42
Biopack PLA container includes lid Each $0.25 $0.25
Nut Milk Bag Each $7.02 $5.62
Paper Bag (3 sizes) Each $0.25 $0.25
Coconut fibre scrub pads Each $2.76 $2.21

Products with an asterix (*) attract a 50% discount off the standard price.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a member of the COOP. Memberships are $20 for the year or $10 for a semester. Members enjoy a 20% discount on all products except “Paper Bag (3 sizes)” and “Biopack PLA” container includes lid.

It is with sadness that we most inform our customers that we will not be stocking yummy sour dough bread from La Tartine.

We are currently investigating other suppliers.




Welcome Back For Another Year!

The Co-op is open each Thursday, as usual, from 10 am until 7 pm and now, thanks to our new best friend Laure-Elise, we will be open on Tuesdays as well, from 10 am until 5 pm.

Speaking of Tuesdays…
… don’t forget to order your organic sourdough bread by 4:30 pm on Tuesdays for delivery on Thursday of that week. We buy a couple extra but if there is a particular flavour you have a hankering for get your order in as soon as. You can find the different types as well as the prices on our website or on posters in the shop. If you can’t make it into the store to order just drop us a line at by 4:30 pm and we will add it to the shopping list.

Stocks of chocolate covered almonds and snack mix as well as many other goodies have been replenished. Now is the time to come and get it before they run out again 🙂


The Coop is having an end of year sale. All stock will be reduced by 50%.

That’s right, a whopping 50% off our already low, low prices.

Hurry now and don’t miss out on stocking up on your favorite items before stock runs out.

SALE begins Thursday 17/11/2016 and finishes Thursday 15/12/2016 or while stocks last

Disclaimer: Discount applies to all stock, members and non-members. No other discount will apply. Please consider your own dietary requirements before you purchase



Thursday 17th November 10am 7pm (sale starts)
Monday 21st November 10am 4pm
Tuesday 22nd November 10am 4pm
Thursday 24th November 10am 7pm
Friday 25th November 10am 4pm
Monday 28th November 10am 4pm
Tuesday 29th November 10am 4pm
Thursday 1st December 10am 7pm
Friday 2nd December 10am 4pm
Monday 5th December 10am 4pm
Tuesday 6th December 10am 4pm
Thursday 8th December 10am 7pm
Friday 9th December 10am 4pm
Monday 12th December 10am 4pm
Tuesday 13th December 10am 4pm
Thursday 15th December 10am 7pm (sale ends, store closes for the year)


Annual Meeting for Year ending June 30, 2016

Thank you to all of the members who attended our very convivial annual meeting 🙂

We will upload the minutes very soon but the long and short of the future is:

We have 5 directors- 1 old and 4 new.

We are going to install a Paypal card reader and absorb the admin costs ourselves.

The new fridge is attracting attention and looks to be a good decision so far.

The new location in UTS Building 5C is going better than expected with many students and staff from Law and Business Faculties popping in to find out who/what we are and why didn’t they know about us before *sigh*

We are still hosting the local Hub of Harvest Hub and they promote us in their forums in return.

We are introducing new products now and again but, as usual, our biggest ‘seller’ is the information we provide on organics and sustainability.

In closing we look forward to seeing all of our friends soon- either virtually or here in our new shop (where sunlight abounds!). Either way be healthy, be happy, and be safe.