The Broadway Food Co-operative has had a long and delicious association with the amazing bakers at La Tartine. La Tartine makes certified organic sourdough bread.

“Sourdough bread is bread which is fermented with a natural leaven as opposed to a yeast bread which is fermented with fresh or dried baker’s yeast.  The health benefits of sourdough are well known, and don’t need to be further expanded, but the definitive taste of sourdough bread is a result of a much longer fermentation process.  It is not a vinegary tasting liquid thrown into a yeasted bread to deceive the consumer into thinking they are eating a slowly fermented naturally leavened bread.” (La Tartine, 2013)

” To have a product certified organic, it is necessary to apply to one of the independent certifiers who are accredited by AQIS to audit your accounts, inspect your premises, and lab test the product to ensure no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides are used in the product.  These inspections are carried out annually, but random inspections may also occur.  These inspections are very thorough and are similar to a simultaneous tax audit and health inspection. La Tartine uses only certified organic flours, grains and fruits and is therefore able to maintain this accreditation.  The word organic by itself means nothing, but “certified” is a warranty for the consumer and provides credibility to the producer.  Unfortunately some retailers, for commercial reasons, choose to be confused by the two.” (La Tartine, 2013)

While we no longer have an online ordering system you can request that we add particular items from La Tartine’s menu to our regular shop order by sending us an email before 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. The long lead-up time is due to the lengthy time requirements of real sourdough. If we don’t submit our order by 5:00 pm Tuesday we don’t receive bread for the shop that week.

Below is a list of the bread available from La Tartine and the price. There are no member discounts on bread.

White Campagne                      $6.00

Wholemeal Campagne           $6.00

Sesame Boule                             $4.95

Wholemeal Multigrain Tin   $6.00

Spelt Tin                                       $6.60

Fruit Tin, Pull-apart                $7.05

White Baguette                         $3.35

Caraway and Rye Tin              $5.90

Black Rye Tin                             $6.45

Olive                                              $6.75

Walnut                                          $6.75

Dinner Rolls                               $4.50 per 6 pack

Sub (half baguette)                  $1.50