About volunteering

The heart and soul of Broadway Food Co-op are the volunteers that give their time and skills to help keep the co-op operating.  The co-op is run on an entirely voluntary basis, and we can’t keep offering our services without the help of people like you.  New volunteers are always welcome, whether you can help out on a weekly basis, or just drop in once in a while.

So you’re interested in volunteering? Here are just some of the ways that you can help out:

  • Staff the shop on Thursdays or other days of the week too (we will provide training for this);
  • Clean and sterilise re-usable containers and shop utensils;
  • Unpack new deliveries, mix up muesli and snack mixes;
  • Assist with administrative tasks e.g. data entry;
  • Help with promotional activities e.g. being on stalls, postering , leafleting and lecture crashing;
  • Bring in containers, glass jars, bottles and bags to be re-used in the shop;
  • Use your social media skills to promote the co-op via FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other forum;
  • Administer the co-op’s website, FaceBook account, or LinkedIn account; or
  • Run a workshop for UTS students, UTS staff, or community members.

Volunteering is a great way to connect with other co-op members and get some simple, practical, hands on jobs done in the process.

If you are  interested in helping out send us an email at organicfoodcoop@gmail.com or drop into the shop and speak to the volunteers on duty.


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