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Food Workshops

On Thursday, March 10, Our Store Manager, Trish, and one of the Directors, Adrienne, held a workshop on Level 4 of UTS for new students called ‘Healthy Eating without Breaking the Bank’.

It was a great success! First we made couscous with cherry tomatoes, tuna and green beans. So many had not tasted couscous before. And all you need is a kettle and a bowl.

We also showed the group how to make chia pudding pods and Bircher muesli. Five minutes work and into the fridge for the night and you have breakfast AND a snack the next day.

We will be holding another workshop this Thursday, March 17, on Level 4 of the Tower Building at 12pm. Come and see us. Everyone is welcome.

P.S. Big hugs to Batyr UTS and UTS:Green for making it all happen. We love you guys 🙂

So many happy, hungry people! What fun!

So many happy, hungry people! What fun!

Trish and Adrienne giving a healthy eating workshop (2)