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Orders for fruit and veg boxes open until Sunday 4pm this weekend.

As everyone is busy getting things sorted for Spring semester, the co-op will be accepting orders up until 4pm on Sunday 28th of July. Don’t forget to pop your orders in!


Extra value added to next week’s veggie boxes (04/06/13)

Last Week’s veggie boxes (21/05/13) were compromised by some unexpected friends who came in our celery stock, those who decided to eat their way through most of it. The people at Organics Direct Produce heard and have credited the co-op, so next week’s box (04/06/13) will be of a little more value, which is exciting news with all of June’s seasonal wonders! Make sure you order a box for next week, by this Saturday 12am!

New cut off date for weekly fruit and veggie box orders

Each week, fruit and veggie box orders will only be accepted until Saturday 12 am. This new cut off time and date will help us greatly in having more time to organize the week’s boxes.