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Pickling workshop at the co-op in September 2013!

Refrigerator Pickles
When: Tuesday August 28th 2013 – from 6pm sharp till 9pm

Where: TBA, somewhere near/on the UTS city campus.

Broadway Food-Coop member and 6jars.org participant An Marosszeky will be guiding workshoppers through the basics of pickling seasonal produce and associated food safety.

Participants will learn how to sterilize re-usable jars to safely store new culinary creations, and will come away with some handy tips for their own resource-friendly kitchen adventures, a couple of seasonal recipes, and a jar of pickles from the night’s efforts.

If you wish to participate in this workshop, please indicate if you have a preference or aversion to any of these vegetables/fruit: Cauliflower, Eggplant, Lebanese Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Lemons. Also please advise if you have any specific dietary requirements so that the recipes demonstrated can be tailored for the evening.

Workshop costs:

  • $40 for Non-members
  • $25 for Broadway Food Coop Members
  • $20 for Broadway Food Coop weekly volunteers

The workshop is limited to 10 participants. Additional workshops may be scheduled depending on expressions of interest.

A light supper will be provided for participants during the workshop introduction.

Call-out for participants requested prior to the end of June 2013.

Register and pay online here.

Questions? Email us at FoodCoopWorkshop@gmail.com