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Daigakuimo (Candied Sweet Potato)

Hello! I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend so far. So, here’s the promised post on a recipe for this week. If you’ve been wondering what on earth you could make with those white sweet potatoes you’ve gotten in the veggies boxes this week, I’ve got a lovely dessert recipe here for you.

In Japan, you can find these potatoes everywhere, made into lots of different delicious desserts.The most well known one, is perhaps Daigakuimo (大学芋 in Japanese and pronounced as da-ee-ga-ku-ee-mo), and it literally translates into University potato.  Nami, the author of Just one cook book, has a pretty good recipe for this, which you can find here: http://justonecookbook.com/recipes/candied-sweet-potatoes/

The picture below of daigakuimo is also from her blogpost, I hope you enjoy cooking it.. or simply salivating over it.


If you don’t feel hungry enough, here’s some more examples of what you could ever possibly do with white sweet potatoes.


The Gramercy, a cake shop in Kyoto Japan, has created one of the most amazing cakes using these potatoes. These potatoes are so popular in Japan, you can even find a Daigakuimo-flavoured Kit Kat in Japan

Image So, if you weren’t that excited about sweet potatoes before, I hope you are now!